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Heavenly Rental Management FAQ

Beginning October 1st, 2018, Heavenly Rental Management, a division of Vail Resorts, will be the new rental management company for Lakeland Village. We know you have many questions regarding this change and hope that this page will help.

For your convenience you can view, print, and sign the Rental Management Agreement here

  • Vail Resorts Hospitality did over $270MM in gross revenue in FY 17. We are one of the largest hospitality companies in the United States, managing hotels, condominiums and private homes.
  • For detailed information on our Legendary Lodging program and homeowner benefits please visit www.legendarylodging.com
  • Vail Resorts has done hundreds of integrations. After each integration there are always things to learn from and change for the next one. Vail Resorts integration checklist for Lakeland contains over 700 items to make sure we get everything done correctly down to the smallest of details.
  • Transition: Although transitions can be scary, there is no reason to expect a loss of revenue in the initial year. We are preparing for the transition very early which always leads to a more seamless shift.
  • Employees are our most valuable resource. We are always interested in retaining and maintaining talent. If you have favorite employees that you are close to those are exactly the folks we want to keep around. Vail Resorts offers great benefits including health, dental, vision to eligible employees which extends to their spouses and dependents. This also includes the great benefit of free ski passes!
  • Homeowner Liaison: Lakeland owners will have a dedicated homeowner liaison. Once this person is announced, we will make sure to get their information out to all owners.
  • Maintenance Staff: With a property this large we fully intend on keeping a maintenance team onsite.
  • Maintenance Costs – In our Rental Management Agreement it specifies that owners will not be charged for the first 30 minutes or $10 in parts for each maintenance call. No more nickel and diming.
  • It is our best practice to at the very least remove trash from the residences upon the day of departure. The full clean should happen within a day or so depending on the volume of business and staffing levels.
  • Staffing: One great advantage we provide is the benefit of scale. If we are shorthanded at Lakeland, we can easily call on our sister housekeeping departments at Kirkwood, Northstar, and Zalanta to help turn the property over more quickly.
  • Much like the former program, Vail Resorts will replace items in the housewares package. Make sure your existing items are full par. If you are missing items at the start of the program you will have to purchase the items initially, and then we can replace them on an ongoing basis.
  • The way our program works is revenues/reservations are distributed evenly among the quality and classification of products. We will rate all residences either Gold, Silver, or Bronze. 2 bedroom Gold residences will have very similar gross revenues at the end of the year, and so will 2 bedroom silvers, and 2 bedroom bronzes. Please note that revenues are also subject to availability. If you stay in your residence July 4th or Christmas week (which we do not restrict or charge a penalty for) you must expect a corresponding decrease in gross revenue compared to someone who rented those dates.
  • Vail Resorts has invested tens of millions of dollars in our Epic Discovery locations (including Heavenly) to increase summer business. We also have a concessionaire agreement to manage The Grand Tetons, one of the most visited national parks in the United States.
Being part of the Vail Resorts family means benefitting from the strength of our best in class hospitality marketing strategy and extensive customer database. Our targeted and personalized media approach ensures we get the right message in front of the right guest (including regional, destination and international guests) at the right time during their customer journey, leading to stronger engagement and ROI.  
We offer year-round lodging promotions via our network of resort, corporate and hospitality websites as well as strong reach and frequency through media and email marketing programs. We also participate in heavily supported enterprise wide lodging sales, including our 96 Hour Sales (August and February), Cyber Monday, Great Summer Break, and Book Winter Early, which help drive occupancy during off-peak periods.
  • Epic Promise focuses on our environment, our communities, and our employees. Annually Epic Promise donates $9.4MM in cash and in-kind support. In fiscal year 17 over $980,000 was donated in the Heavenly area.
  • Zero Footprint: Vail Resorts has made the very public commitment to have zero net emissions, zero waste to landfill, and zero net operating impact to forests and habitat by 2030. We hope to work with Lakeland’s BOD’s on improvements to the facilities over time to help us reach our commitment.
  • Did you know that Vail Mountain Resort was founded by folks from the 10th Mountain Division? To honor our heritage Veterans and Retired Military personal get significant discounts on their season passes, up to 90% off.
  • Split - The revenue will be split 55% to owners, and 45% to the rental manager. The Resort Fee will also be split 55% to owners, and 45% to the rental manager.
  • Commissions – Travel agent commissions will be paid the by rental manager.
  • Shuttle Service – The shuttles will still be dedicated to Lakeland (not part of a loop). Our plan is to operate the shuttle on a very similar schedule as previously offered.

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For any questions please reach out to Gregory Kiskinen