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Heavenly Ski & Snowboard School FAQ's

Yes, Beginner Group Lessons are available at Heavenly.

These lessons are designed for those who have never tried skiing or snowboarding before and for those who are still working on turning and stopping.

Lessons are an hour and forty-five minutes long, and are offered daily at 9:30 am, 11:30 am, and 2:00 pm. Lessons are available at all three of our locations: California Main Lodge, Gondola, or Boulder Lodge.

Adult lessons are for ages 14 and older.

There are no guaranteed ratios for group lessons.

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Yes, you can make reservations in advance for adult and child group lessons, as well as for private lessons. We highly recommend you do because booking in advance will not only guarantee the best price, but it will ensure you have a spot, as we often reach capacity during weekends, holidays and peak season periods.

Reservations can be booked online at www.skiheavenly.com, over the phone by calling 1-800-Heavenly, option 7, or in person at any one of our Ski and Ride School sales office locations.

Advance reservations will also help expedite the check-in process.

Heavenly does not offer multi-day lessons for children, but we do offer a “Beginner Series” lesson product for adults.  The Beginner Series program is a two-day lesson/lesson package which must be taken consecutively.  Please visit the Adult Group Lesson page for more information  

Adult Two-day Beginner Series Ski Program

Adult Two-day Beginner Series Snowboard Program 

Change of plans? Please call 1-800-Heavenly, option 7, or visit one of our Ski and Ride School sales offices to cancel or modify reservations.

Please be aware of our cancellation policy:

  • Lesson reservations must be cancelled at least 24 hours before the scheduled lesson start time, or a cancellation fee will be imposed. If you cancel (within the 24 hour period) and we are able to re-book the instructor, a $100 processing fee will be charged. If you cancel and we are unable to re-book the instructor, the full price of the lesson will be charged to your credit card. The cancellation fee may be waived if the lesson is rebooked for an alternate date. You can change or cancel your reservation by calling 1-800-Heavenly, option 7 or in person at one of our sales offices.
  • Lessons are non-refundable due to weather. If we cancel your lesson for some unforeseen circumstance, we will issue a refund.

Child lessons: We start teaching children skiing at age 4, and snowboarding at age 5. We accept children up to age 13 in our kids’ programs.

Adult lessons: These lessons are for guests aged 14 and older.

Private lessons: No minimum age requirement, however, children must be able to walk and must be potty-trained.

Child and adult group lessons are taught separately, as we do not allow adults to join kids’ group lessons, and vice versa. If you wish to have your family learn together, we recommend booking a Family Private Lesson. All lessons can be booked online at www.skiheavenly.com, or by calling the corresponding number below.

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The snow is falling!

Children: If it snows during lessons, the kids will still ski or snowboard, but will come inside for frequent breaks if we are experiencing extremely low temperatures. Be sure your child is dressed in several thin layers and is wearing waterproof pants, jacket, and gloves. Please write your child’s name on their clothing; we recommend using a Sharpie to label clothing.

Adults: We LOVE snow! Lessons will still be taught, regardless of the weather. Classes will take breaks, but be sure to dress properly and you will enjoy every minute of it!

After you register, or check-in, for Ski School, your child will get rental equipment (if applicable), and then be placed into a group with other children around the same age and ability level. Four and five year-olds will do some indoor activities while being placed into groups, so they can meet other children.

We will evaluate your child’s skiing or snowboarding ability on the snow, and make any necessary changes to groups at this time, based upon demonstration of skills. We strive to have children out on the snow by 10:00 am, depending upon drop-off time.

Once children are in their groups, they will begin skiing and snowboarding on terrain that’s appropriate for their ability level, and receive coaching. Some classes take morning breaks.

Lunch is included with every child’s lesson and lunch times will vary depending on how many children are in Ski School that day. The children will eat lunch with their class and coach; please no visitors during lunch.

After lunch, children return to the snow for more coaching.

Pick-up time is 3:45 pm. Children are picked up at the designated “pick-up area” at each base location (you will be given this information when you register or check-in). You will get to meet your child’s coach and receive feedback on how well he/she did that day. Please ensure you know your security code to pick your child up, as this is required by the coach before releasing your child. You will be provided your security code when you register or check-in that morning.

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The lesson will be refunded if your child is sick first thing in the morning, and is picked up immediately after you have been contacted. If your child is sick and remains in the program for the entire day, the lesson will not be refunded.

You should select the level that you are currently skiing or snowboarding at, not what level you would like to become. If you are unclear, or uncertain what level you are, please read below for an explanation:


  • Beginners: those who have never tried skiing or snowboarding before, or those who are still working on turning and stopping or haven’t ridden a chairlift yet.
  • Mountain Adventure: those who can turn, stop, and ride chairlifts. These lessons will be grouped according to the type of terrain you are most comfortable skiing or snowboarding on (green, blue, or black labeled runs).


  • Level 1: children who are trying skiing or snowboarding for the first time
  • Level 2: children who have tried skiing or snowboarding before, but are still working on turning and stopping
  • Level 3: children who can turn and stop, but have not ridden a chairlift yet
  • Level 4 and above: aka Mountain Cruisers – children who can turn, stop, control speed and have ridden a chairlift before. These children will be placed in groups according to the type of terrain they are most comfortable skiing/snowboarding on (green, blue, or black labeled runs).

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Adaptive Programs
Our skiing and snowboarding Adaptive Programs apply to individuals with special needs, adapting both our equipment and coaching to meet each person’s unique needs. Our Adaptive Ski and Ride School instructors are recognized as leaders in providing first class instruction and training to people of all disabilities, both physical and cognitive.

Choose one of our Resorts below for more information on specific programs:

If you are more than five minutes late for your lesson, you can join the next lesson time (subject to availability). If you are late for the afternoon lesson, we can reschedule your lesson for another day, or issue a refund according to our cancellation policy (fees may apply). Please visit us in one of our sales offices so that we can help you adjust your lesson.