Can't misses for your family at Heavenly

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A Full Day in the Sun and on the Snow

Follow the Sun

Heavenly is BIG. There is a massive variety of terrain in difficulty and features, but also slope direction. This is something skiers and riders pay attention to without even knowing it because as the sun moves east to west across the sky, it hits different slope directions throughout the day.


At a diverse mountain like Heavenly you can use the sun as a day planner and ski or ride in the sunshine all day long. Luckily the sun’s path is fairly predictable so we’re able to outline a path for you before you even slip into your boots.

1) Apply Supergoop Sunscreen: You’re about to chase the sun, prepare accordingly


2) Start in Nevada: If you are staying at the top of Kingsbury, load Stagecoach Lift and and head up to the top of Olympic. You’ll be basking in the morning sun and avoiding the lift lines at the same time.


If you are staying closer to the Heavenly Village and planning on riding the Gondola up to start your day, hop on Tamarack Lift then hang a left and ski down to East Peak to access Dipper Lift. Orion run will be lit to perfection so have your friends take a picture of you as the sun highlights your perfect downhill form.


3) Hit Comet Chair for a late morning run or two. As you continue your kinship with the sun, enjoy a run on Comet or Aries. Then hop on Comet again and plan on taking 49’er down to the Tamarack Lodge area.


4) Decide on Lunch: Now there are several factors that go into lunch planning. How fast did you accomplish the first steps in this epic solar chasing plan? Are you looking for some shelter inside or want to continue basking? Maybe you just aren’t ready to stop skiing. 


So either you are pretty hungry, want to get inside and take off the goggles, or just need to rest the legs. Stop at Tamarack Lodge and head inside for some shade and delicious food and drink.


Or you don’t need food quite yet, you want to eat outside and enjoy the mountain air, and the ole’ legs can stand another run or two. If this is the case, head up Tamarack lift and take California Trail over to the Sky Deck for some lunch in the sun.


5) Re-Apply the Supergoop sunscreen.


6) You’re full of delicious mountain nourishment. You’ve told a few jokes with your friends. You’ve embellished your ski accomplishments a bit. You’re ready to get back on the snow. Hop on Sky Express Lift to the top of Heavenly at 10,040 feet. You’ve timed this perfectly, so take out the camera and get a few epic shots of you and your fellow sun travelers with the epic lake background on top of Ridge Run.


7) Explore the California Side of Heavenly for the remainder of your day. And maybe the best part, you can end your day with a happy hour beverage at Lat 38 on the roof of the California Lodge.